About Us


We are passionate about limiting the noise of fleeting tech-trends to create enduring results. Today’s rapidly evolving tech world means being proactive not reactive.


To engage in community redevelopment is our approach  and take time to understand projects, processes, strategies, and combine with industry and economic conditions.


Adri Partners has been operating since 2014 with a single mission: to be the most helpful consulting agency for small businesses and start-ups in Pittsburgh, and to transform communities.

About us


Our team knows that an ambitious and effective workforce, with clear directions for work can produce immense results. Being your team’s “human assets” is our goal

We are also aware of the space and area in which we operate in, and make it a priority to stay engaged and tied to the local and global community.


Projects finished and still counting


Head offices in multiple countries


Industries and businesses

More than a half a century of business development between equity partners.

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